Technology Specialties – ProSTEP Effluent Pumping System

A STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) system is a form of pressure sewer that has several advantages over traditional gravity collection systems:

ProStep Effluent Pumping System includes a BioTube® pump vault, splice box, risers, lids (and needed accessories), float switch assembly, effluent pump and control panel.

ProStep Effluent Pumping System produces high quality effluent which allows the collection system to be designed the same way as a water system. Small diameter PVC pipe is laid in shallow trenches. Infiltration problems are eliminated, and hence, treatment plants can be smaller; lift stations and manholes are not required.

ProStep Effluent Pumping System per - unit costs can be much lower, especially in areas with dispersed dwellings, hilly terrain, high water table or rock. The on-site costs can be deferred until occupancy.

ProStep Effluent Pumping System effluent quality (average TSS 29, BOD5 129) is much better than sewage, reducing the biological load.

ProStep Effluent Pumping System encourages responsible water use and disposal practices by the homeowner.

ProStep Effluent Pumping System maintenance and operating costs are the same as, or less than, conventional sewers.

Technology Specialties - The Biotube® EasyPak

The Biotube® EasyPak is a pump package that includes everything you need for a fully operational effluent pump system in one box.

Biotube EasyPak Pump Package includes control panel, splice box, pump vault/flow inducer, 3 Biotube® effluent filter cartridges, float switch assembly, discharge plumbing assembly, grommets and a 4” turbine effluent pump.

Biotube EasyPak Pump Package Ideal applications are pressurized Type 1 systems, pressurized drain fields, sand mounds, sand filters, bottomless sand filters, lift stations.

Biotube EasyPak Pump Package will save you time and money! You no longer have to spend time gathering individual parts to build your system. Installation time is drastically decreased when using the Easy Pak.

Biotube EasyPak Pump Package has both demand dose and timed-dose packages available at both 120V and 220V.

Biotube EasyPak Pump Package has a 5 year warranty on all components.

Many more fully customisable pump systems are available from Onsite Systems Inc. If you would like further information, please contact us!

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