Technology Specialties - AdvanTex® Systems for Residences

AdvanTex® AX20 Treatment System is ideal for difficult sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pre-treatment, and nitrogen reduction.

AdvanTex® AX20 Treatment System turns wastewater into clear, odourless effluent that exceeds secondary treatment standards.

AdvanTex® AX20 Treatment System is easy and economical to maintain, and uses very little power.

Technology Specialties - AdvanTex® AX20-RT New Product!

AdvanTex® AX20-RT Treatment System is a completely pre-packaged, plug & play AX20 Treatment system. All components are assembled and adjusted at the factory, so installers save time and money.

AdvanTex® AX20-RT Treatment System is ideal for sites that require shallow excavation.

AdvanTex® AX20-RT Treatment System offers the same treatment quality as the AX20.

All residential AdvanTex® systems come standard with an Orenco VeriComm control panel.

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In B.C., AdvanTex® filters are considered as a Type 2 treatment system, however, Type 3 treatment levels are attainable by using UV disinfection or sand-lined trenches. (System types are described in the Standard Practice Manual on page 55).

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