Onsite Systems Inc.

Onsite Systems Inc. (OSI) is dedicated to ensuring that all systems we have designed and/or sold are maintained correctly. Wherever possible, OSI will maintain and operate these systems with our fully trained maintenance staff. If the system is installed at a location outside of our maintenance area, we will suggest an appropriate person from our network of maintenance providers. OSI maintains systems throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.


Many systems we design use a modern web-based system to remotely monitor the systems. This provides us with instant knowledge of any issues that arise. The cost for this is most often less than $5 per month.
Read the VeriComm® Home Owner's Sheet (PDF)
See the VeriComm® Demo for more information.

Operation and Maintenance

With the design of each system we create a site-specific Operation and Maintenance (O&M) plan that describes the individual maintenance needs that must be adhered to. Since 2005, the year the new Sewerage System Regulation was put in place, every new system that is designed, regardless of make and model, should have one of these documents. OSI will use the O&M plan for your system to create a customized service plan that best suits your systems needs.

Service Contracts

Service contracts are available for anyone who would like us to take all the worry out of the scheduling, operation and maintenance of your sewerage system. Most often, a service contract will include regular preventative maintenance visits, any required effluent sampling and an emergency visit. Contracts will be customized to suit each individual site. Please keep in mind that the majority of the equipment that we sell has a warranty that is valid only if your system is covered by a valid service contract.


Periodically, OSI offers training courses to help increase the expertise of the maintenance providers that we are associated with. Please see our training page for information.

If you have any maintenance concerns regarding your sewerage system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.